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Level: Grade 4 Grade 5. Topic: A person who means the world to me. Mode: Explanatory Writing. Form: Personal Essay. Theme: Family Love Home.

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Standards Correlations: The State Standards provide a way to evaluate your students' performance. C D B A I can talk to my mom about everything because she is the only person that I ever had that I can express myself to understand what I am saying and where I am coming from. I can talk to her about problems that I am having in my life and in school.

I like talking to my mom because she always listens and gives me good advice.

For example when I felt like quitting school because I was stressed out and felt like I wasn't getting anything accomplished she told me to just calm down. She also told me to stop worrying about things that are going on at home and stay focused on my work, because there is nothing I can do about things happening at home while I am down here in school. Another thing I can talk to my mother about is something that most men my age usually wouldn't talk to their mothers about which is, women problems.

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When I talk to her about my women problems, she always predicts what is going to happen. Whatever she says is going to happen, always happen. For instance when one of my girlfriends from back in the day was lying about something, my mother told me that if I was to just wait and ask her about it another time that her story would be different and all mixed up.

Thus, it will be very easy and comfortable to do cleaning up. Be a good-mannered person. Do not quarrel and do not speak dirty. If you are proud of your mother, make her to be proud of you.

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It does not mean that somebody must aspire to perfection. Preserve your personality, but be always polite. Since your mother is a very close person, she can be very sensitive. Do not offend her. It is so easy to say a rude word. Think about her feelings. Be thankful.

This fact is very funny. It seems that this word is a usual one. Do not avoid saying it to your mom. She does everything possible to make your life easier. She works, saves money, cooks, and guards you. Do not you think that it is enough reason for giving thanks? It is not a shame.

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It is a big joy to say these words. Always speak to your mom. If you have a conflict with her, try to stay calm and open. This is a time to solve the problem. Never shuts the door before your mother.

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Speak about things you do not like or do not understand. You both can manage it. Love and be patient. When parents get old, they may become anointing. Your mom deserves your love. Just love her because it will help you to look through all bosh at her real soul. We hope that you like this Essay on Mother. Surely, it is too short to tell everything about the significance of this person in our lives.

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