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Logical arrangement and critical analysis help readers to understand your deductions. A general research paper contains three main sections — an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You also need to consider if the paper is argumentative, analytical, or one of the other types. A scientific research paper uses a more rigid structure to present findings and methods.

This creates a system of uniformity to deliver data to the scientific community. Because of its structure, people can obtain information from a scientific paper in different ways — they can browse the abstract or go straight to tables and results. Organize your research by using annotations and making lists of references. Use cards, colors, or any other method to group ideas. Note why you think the source is important and what point it supports.

This is useful for creating a good outline and facilitates the writing process. An outline is a plan of how you will arrange ideas in the most effective way possible. Information needs to be organized and must flow logically for readers to understand the point of your research. Your outline is not set in stone.

How to Write an Effective Research Paper

You can go back and change sections if you find new information or discover better research. However, the elements of an outline are standard, and they separate the blueprint into an introduction, body paragraphs or sections, and a conclusion. Sections can be divided using headings and subheadings.

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Subheadings use letters of the alphabet A, B, C etc. Each main heading should contain two or more subheadings. Here is where a strong outline makes writing easier. You know the number of body paragraphs to include. You have a main idea for each body paragraph as well as its supporting information, and you can integrate your sources to support claims.

You analyze, deconstruct, compare and explain them in order to lend weight to your paragraphs and, ultimately, your thesis statement. The number of body paragraphs depends on the depth of research. Longer projects need several headings and subheadings in the body. When you send us your order through the homepage, you are automatically asked to provide us with the detailed guidelines on what kind of academic paper needs to be accomplished, what research needs to be conducted, and which requirements should be fulfilled.

Different academic and formatting styles should be also taken into account during the writing process. Do not hesitate to reach our support team in case there are some more details that need to be taken into account while proceeding with the paper.

7 Steps in Writing a Research Paper: Enjoy Your Student Life

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The academic papers often require a particular research to be done. This may cause a lot of struggles for the students of any school and university across the globe. There is more than one reason for that: the lack of knowledge in the particular field, in the research methods, as well as in the academic writing itself. As research paper has its own standards and norms each student should be aware of.

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