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5 common problems for English learners

Using role-play in teaching speaking skill. Jakarta: unpublished dissertation.

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Tarone, E. Speaking in a second language; In E. Hinkel Ed. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Taylor, L. Voice of Academia Special Edition. Pikulski, J. Just practicing those sounds, and listening to native speakers to copy the noises they make, will improve how well people understand your English beyond all recognition. Second: improve your academic English in ten minutes a week Spend ten minutes every week reading a well-written book, article, or thesis in your discipline for style, vocabulary, and structure rather than content or ideas.

How do they introduce their argument? What words do they use to signpost, or make judgements? Are their sentences long or short? How do they show when they disagree? What goes in the introduction? Build up an idea of what is normal.

Studies in Language Testing (SiLT)

You are expected to write using the same words and forms — so borrow their vocabulary and phrases! This is not plagiarism. Start a blog, find a pen pal in your field at a conference and write to them each week, keep a reflective journal as you research. Join the editorial board of an academic journal, write for your student newspaper. Keep writing, otherwise you may notice your skills go backwards. I asked a lot of students and they said it was terrible to try to write in their first language and translate it into English — it was so much work and so much is untranslatable or difficult to render into an English academic prose style.

Instead, writing in a polyglot style for your first draft allows you to make progress on your thesis, and then can go through and translate all the individual words in one go. A clear, simple word is good. A close enough word is a good enough start. As you develop as a writer, or using feedback from your supervisor, you can make other word choices later if you need to.

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I do not teach English as a second or further language, or English for academic purposes. I do teach doctoral writing, and I do have almost two decades experience in the area. I also feel this term clearly excludes people for whom reading and writing in English is fluent and effortless, even if they speak another language at home. The study offered a number of suggestions to reduce problems in learning drama.

Keywords: Problems , English majors , teaching drama , learning drama. Type of Study: Research Subject: Special. Abu Moor, D. Unpublished Master Thesis. Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine. Al-Breem, S. AlSofi, A. Al-Taweel, R. Arieli, B. Unpublished Ph.

Batah, A. Bayliss, P. Building Relationship through Drama. Research in Drama Education, 7 1 , Blanch, E. Dramatics in the Foreign-Language Classroom.

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Carter, R. Teaching Literature. Hong Kong: Longman.

Theses - M.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Darweesh, E. Drozq, A. Assessing Questions and School Evaluation 3rd Ed.