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All Categories. Grade Level. Resource Type. Log In Join Us. View Wish List View Cart. Eliot — Comparative Analysis Essay. Grade Levels. The Goober, who has stopped selling at a certain point in solidarity with his friend, is passing by the school gym when he sees himself fraudulently awarded his fiftieth sale; the experience crushes him.

For his part, Jerry is subject to some anonymous rough treatment on the football field and constant harassing phone calls. One day he is taunted by Emile Janza for being "queer" which he is not. Then, when he starts to show signs, despite himself, that he is ready for a fight, several other boys converge on him and he is badly beaten. After the beating, he becomes "invisible" at school—ignored by everyone, so that when he walks down the halls, the other students part before him "like the Red Sea.

Around this time, the chocolate sale ends. All but fifty boxes—Jerry's boxes—have been sold, and Brother Leon is ecstatic. Archie, meanwhile, has come up with a plan for the remaining chocolates: a boxing "match," to be held on the football field one night, between Jerry and Emile Janza. Rather than a traditional free-for-all, however, the "match" will be combined with a raffle, in which the spectators the members of the student body can buy tickets and write down blows that they want one or the other to give to his opponent.

The recipient of the punch is not allowed to avoid being hit. Archie manages through various means to convince both Jerry and Emile to participate. The "match" begins according to plan: Carter reads out the directions on each ticket drawn, and both Jerry and Emile follow them, Emile unsurprisingly getting the better of things.

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  8. Soon, though, Carter draws a ticket on which the buyer has called for an illegal below-the-belt hit, and without thinking he reads it out. He and the other Vigils immediately recognize the mistake, but it's too late: Emile, acting immediately as he has throughout, goes for Jerry's groin; Jerry understandably tries to block the blow. Emile, thinking Jerry has cheated, decides his action negates the rules altogether.

    He attacks Jerry with a flurry of blows, eventually knocking him out. Chaos ensues, until the stadium lights mysteriously go out. Archie goes back to the school building to investigate and is met by Brother Jacques. Having an inkling of what has gone on with Brother Leon, the Vigils, and the chocolates, Brother Jacques chastizes Archie for this latest Vigils stunt. Leon soon shows up, though, and demonstrates to Archie's satisfaction that he is "still in command," thus putting to rest any possibility that Archie and the other Vigils will suffer any serious consequences for their stunt.

    Meanwhile, The Goober comforts Jerry alone in the boxing ring, waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

    The Chocolate War Analysis

    The novel ends with Archie and Obie sitting in the bleachers talking, just as they did when they first saw Jerry. President of the junior class, Anderson is notable for almost knocking out Carter in an intramural boxing match. Described as an 'intellectual roughneck', he plays only a tiny part in the novel, yet his appearance in Chapter 21 is significant for his refusal to agree to Richy Rondell's suggestion of a class boycott in support of Jerry. Howie says, "No, Richy. This is the age of do your own thing. Let everybody do his thing.

    Chocolate war essay -

    If a kid wants to sell, let him. If he doesn't, the same thing applies. Jerry's art teacher. In Chapter 28 Brother Andrew asks for an art assignment which Jerry has already completed and handed in.

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    One of the characters in Chapter 21 who, in private, expresses sympathy for Jerry's stand. Danny is in conversation with Kevin Chartier. By extension he is being criticized for their failure to translate this into public support. An A-grade pupil, made to bear the brunt of Brother Leon's object lesson in political connivance Chapter 6. A girl Jerry looks forward to seeing at the bus stop. Jerry's hopes of dating her are ruined after she mistakes him for another boy and talks rudely to him over the phone.

    A senior, Carlson is described as thin and mild. Emile Janza siphons gas from Carlson's car, confident that there will not be any repercussions. The recipient of a Trinity scholarship, "sweetfaced" David Caroni is blackmailed by Brother Leon in Chapter 16 into trading information about Jerry Renault's Vigils assignment a ten-day embargo on chocolate selling in return for having a wrongly-marked F-grade paper reconsidered.

    Caroni finds the episode deeply dispiriting: "If teachers did this kind of thing, what kind of world could it be?

    A summary of the novel the chocolate war by robert cormier

    John Carter, all-star guard on the football team and president of the Boxing Club, is also president of the Vigils. Cormier emphasizes Carter's physical prowess. In Chapter 12 he is described as a "big beefy varsity guard who looked as if he could chew freshmen up and spit them out. He is distrustful of the other's tactics, and more than ready to get physical to prove that force is more effective than cleverness. In a key moment Carter flattens him with a single punch and effectively puts Archie on probation. Carter disagrees with Archie's decision to associate the Vigils with the chocolate sale.

    Casper, forty pounds overweight, is seen in Chapter 14 cycling around the neighborhood selling chocolates, intending to spend the returns on his girlfriend, Rita.

    Themes in the Chocolate War

    Experiencing difficulty selling the chocolates, Kevin Chartier phones his friend Danny Arcangelo and the two of them discuss, inconclusively, joining the boycott. The football coach, never mentioned by name, is nevertheless an important presence in the book. Encountered in the opening chapter, we see him pressing Jerry hard and accidentally spitting on him.

    His bullying coaching style is initially unsympathetic, but is viewed as an increasingly healthy counterpoint to the murky machinations of Archie and Leon. A senior, not "exactly a hotshot in the psychology department," who is volunteered by Brother Leon to be treasurer of the chocolate sale, a job which he performs with clerical efficiency. In the course of the sale he becomes aware that sales are being falsely attributed to certain individuals in order to encourage others. He keeps his disapproval to himself.