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BOHOL SUSTAINABLE LEISURE RESORT (Upgrading qualities of experience through Sustainability)

This can only be achieved if the circulation of all the activities in the resort are efficiently connected with one another. Accessibility is the most important factor to be considered for design. Care should be taken to see that the time required to reach any service area from the living quarters is not more than 5mins.

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Proper connectivity and proximity to the service areas plays an important role in the success of the Resort. Other factors that contribute towards the success of the Holiday Resort are:. Design of Kitchen Restaurant. Design of Laundry in a Hotel. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you need to know about hospital designing, please contact me..

You can build a resort anywhere. Just open Google Maps and pick a seafront resort site in Goa. Or a mountain resort in Ratnagiri. Or an desert-oasis resort near Jaipur.

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Or a snow resort near Shimla. You will get some inspiration. We help students achieve their aims and objectives and help them become good Architects.

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Four star beach resort :Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

The intention of site improvement was to recover local species in rubber tree area and regain the forest. Project consist of 4 distinctive villas 1. Tree Top Villa 2. Cliff Villa 3. Pool Villa 4.

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Hill Villa. The design of each villa was effected by feature of landscape and context where were located. Building material were integrated between natural materials and prefabrication parts which were install on site to avoid negative effect to environment.

Space and form of the building were inspired by shape of nature. The building and walkway were levitated above ground to offered new perception and distinctive sight among trees.

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Five Star Resort by Chalumpon Thawanapong jackch. The purpose of the resort is to support and service customers which are couples of foreigners with the intention of targeting the Creative Class group of tourists those who value traveling, are interested in arts and design, draw inspiration from travels and nature, and have their own distinct lifestyles who want to relax, celebrate on special occasions among the peaceful atmosphere and nature with destination spa for resort guests and visitors.

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