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Burger King has earned several awards including being named one of the top Global Brands by Inter-brand. Burger King's slogan is "just the way you like them" and the eye-sight is "we happily serve the best burgers in the business, plus a variety of real, real foods. Nowadays people in the culture always prefer healthy lifestyle to avoid any negative disease happen in it. Malaysia government open business period for foreigner buyer to jogging their business in Malaysia.

There are so many companies of foreigner we might saw in Malaysia such as Burger Ruler, Mac Donald etc. The rising of petrol price in Malaysia influence the vehicles cost of every business become higher. Recently, the existing players established are extremely powerful, so Burger Ruler wouldn't normally need to pay a lot attention in be concerned about the new entrants.

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Which means this kind of risk is suprisingly low. Besides, Burger Ruler is a one of the oldest fast food's brand, it was set up in Their reputation and the grade of food, the material they used were trusted by their customers. So if the new entrants wish to join and compete with Burger Ruler and want to gain the market talk about and task the existed players are incredibly hard.

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Burger Ruler is a franchised company. If you wish to enter the marketplace, you must have huge capital to invest and very advanced copyrighted technology. Due to these specialized property and the huge cost to exit, there is very hard for you to go in and exit from the market of the junk food. There is many choices and low switching cost. Another example is the breakfast. It is possible for the clients to change from Burger Ruler Burger breakfast set in place to McDonald's Burger Breakfast set, it could be very subjective, such as, no car parking, too many people, the temperature too much or too cold in the restaurant and so forth can affect the customers to improve their head and decide to purchase the competition' substitutes to satisfied their needs.

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Burger Ruler has more than suppliers and vendors. They are named an important and integral dealer to the Burger Ruler System and they will continue to supply the Burger Ruler system with the excellence service and using the high quality marketing and sales communications services.

Burger King is taking care of well in provider diversity programs and maintaining a diverse stock portfolio of suppliers. Restaurant Services Inc. RSI , it's very famous and strong purchasing agent, they help the vast majority of products and services utilized by Burger King's owners in United States and is also the administrator of the system's resource string.

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RSI works and connect strongly with the restaurant owners, Burger King Organization, food and presentation suppliers, marketing businesses, equipment vendors, marketers, and information system providers in order to streamline and enhance their supply-chain and make the system more efficient. They added salad bars plus some "light" menu for customers, and it can less fatty and much healthier image.

It'll increase their customers' power and become stronger. It also can entice the olds to come and revel in the meals even the foods are are more healthy but these still delightful. Burger King's market stocks are lesser than McDonald's. Burger King has market share is just about Recently, McDonald is rapid of growing the branches in many under-developed countries, such as China and India. Burger King just only expanded in handful of international market, not like McDonald. So we realize that McDonalds gets the most of them market show and branch, means that they are having the market position now.

In addition, it means that they are the leader on the market and they hold the powerful to set the meals prices and McDonald's expansion extremely fast also. Because of their product differentiation level quite low, so the rivalry is high intense. Burger Ruler is the one of the dominator in the fast food industry with high reputation and high market stocks.

New entrants who would like to sign up for the industry and contend with Burger King and want to gain the market show and task the existed players are very hard. Because there is many choices and low transitioning cost between them. So, Burger Ruler still needs to put effort to compete with this few main challengers. Moreover, Burger King is managing well in distributor variety programs and keeping a diverse stock portfolio of suppliers.

'Junk food' consumption in India a growing concern in rural areas, research reveals

RSI , it is very famous and strong purchasing agent, It works and speak carefully with the restaurant owners, Burger King Organization, food and product packaging suppliers, marketing organizations, equipment vendors, marketers, and information system providers in order to streamline and improve their supply-chain and make the machine better. The durability of Burger Ruler on Capital Market is the business able to fully utilize their on hand resources. It creates their procedure more efficiency and brings the business expansion faster.

However, the weakness from this company is their show at market is declining. So the available capital can be lower and also it provides them liquidity problem and directly influence the self-confidence of the entrepreneur. The company offers the opportunity to acquire some of the restaurants and growing the restaurants industry.

It can contribute more revenue to company to be able to beat the liquidity problem. There involve some threat to the company which is the strict regulation establish by authorities. Besides it, the market downturn may cause the company not successful too. For the power, company gets the strong brand and product profile. Their products are differentiated from other products.

Burger ruler has major restaurant network over the world. For this reason, the customer, dealer and lenders are reliable to them. Furthermore, they could bring forth new ideas in their products constantly. Nevertheless, the weakness of the burger ruler in product market is less control over franchises.

Obesity is a big social issue in America.

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Re-evaluating Fast Food words - 5 pages The fast-food industry dominates and influences normal society. The main argument against fast food is that it is high in calories, saturated fats and sodium, and it can eventually lead to many health issues. Michelle Obama, philanthropist, mother and advocate worldwide, speaks to the NAACP convention about the pressing issue of fast-food related obesity, and the importance of insuring solutions to this growing epidemic. Fast food restaurants words - 4 pages How has the fast food industry impacted society?

There are food establishments on just about every corner you turn. The fast food industry hides behind a facade to some customers, yet to others it is their main food source. Nonetheless the food industry must have a positive and negative, as well as what it causes and results in for consuming it is greasy delicacies and solutions to its often affects. The invasion of fast food is hard to overlook and its domineering power can penetrate the utmost formidable barriers.

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Fast food obesity words - 3 pages Obesity has overcome America. It has become a major problem not only for adults, but also for children. Children look to their parents to be good examples. Without parents that participate in an active life style children find themselves falling into the same sedentary life style of many American families. Because of this reoccurring problem obesity in America has increased significantly since the s. This can be related to the rise of the fast food industries.

Fast food industries are convenient to families that need inexpensive, easy to access food. Fast Food Country words - 5 pages Fast food workers take customer orders at counters or drive-through windows and serve food like hamburgers, fries or tacos and beverages to the customers.

The Effects of Fast Food

They pick up the ordered food items from the warming areas where they are put after being prepared or from coolers or other storage areas. They may do some of the packaging of food and beverages to be served, such as filling cardboard or paper containers with foods like French fries or onion rings. Fast food workers serve the foods and beverages to a customer, usually at a counter, and accept payment. They are also often responsible for cleaning tables, making sure condiments are filled, etc.

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American Fast Food words - 7 pages The fast food industry in America has many drawbacks at the cost of supplying food to the American population. Since many people are ignorant of the process their food goes through in order to become the edible meal they consume, American companies easily take advantage of them.

I believe that this is necessary in order to keep the food industry safe for the American public and environment. Schlosser tells the story of J. He started his own business right out of the eighth grade, after dropping out. He started out small but eventually became one of the riches men in America. He owned then acres of land to start off this business. He sold his potatoes to companies at first all natural.

But he soon discovered that if you dry out the food it will keep for longer, more companies then bought from him. Then in the 's he found out about freezing them, and the method of frozen food. Upon opening the packaging he finds a soggy, rubbery sandwich unlike the juicy, wholesome sandwich he saw earlier this morning. He recognizes everybody else enjoying food that looks nothing how it should, and begins to wonder why. America is a place where fast pace, convenience, and cheap products and services are accepted and even loved. Fast Food Failures words - 6 pages Fast food is exactly how it sounds: food that can be quickly produced for a simple meal.

Although they may be satisfactory, they are anything but healthy. Eating fast food is appetizing which is one of the main reasons it is so popular. Not only does it taste good to many, but it is inexpensive, too!