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Around when I was an orange belt, I started making friends at karate and working with them to do different activities.

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This helped out with my teamwork, which also helped me out in school as well because then I could work with others on projects. As time went on and I became a green belt, I began setting a lot of goals that helped me practice more along with staying on task. As I began to become a brown belt, I learned more about myself than I ever had before because of how open I was to many things.

I tried new things in and out of karate, which helped me form the person I am today. I also learned about having a healthier life style that helped me become more fit and do more at karate. At last as a red belt, as I am now, I learned about time management. This made me have to balance school and karate. Overall, the meaning of being a black belt is different for many people, because everyone thinks differently. To me, being a black belt is being a white belt that never gives up. They also learn things along the way that can help them in their daily lives, and can be passed down to younger belts throughout time, just like me.

A black belt is also a person who is a role model for other students. Black belts help other students achieve their goals, and help them towards becoming a black belt themselves. Over time, I gained skills that I can use everywhere. The idea of achieving Black Belt excellence means the world to me. When I began this journey more then four years ago, I did not quite understand what challenges were in front of me. I have learned that achieving Black Belt is more about personal growth then it is about being an incredible fighter.

This path has been about integrity, modesty, self improvement and most of all perseverance.

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Modesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit to me are the main symbols of karate. They all benefit me in ways to become a better martial artist. Modesty helps me by not being to proud or to confident about my abilities.

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Courtesy teaches me to be honest, respectful and honorable to everyone I meet. Integrity helps me with being honest and to have strong moral principals. Perseverance helps me by having persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. For example, when I broke my arm two years ago on my eighth birthday I still made it to all of my classes.

Black Belt Essays

Self control makes sure that I have the ability to control my actions, especially in difficult situations. Indomitable spirit keeps me strong to work hard and never give up. Karate is really important to me. I love being active. I play other sports like baseball, basketball and soccer but karate is by far my favorite sport. I feel my most confident when I am practicing martial arts in the studio. I really enjoy learning how to use weapons. Bo Staff is my favorite and the most fun. I love doing tricks with it especially neck and arm rolls.

Nunchucks are my second favorite. You have to work hard to control them to make them work, but I like a challenge. Kamas are my least favorite because I feel like they are to easy to control and less fun to use. Sparring is also something that I work really hard on. It helps me to push myself in ways that are out of my comfort zone. I am not an aggressive kid and having this ability will help me to always stand up for myself and not be scared.

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It makes me feel powerful. Self defense is so important to me. If gives me comfort, to feel safe and to be able to protect myself. I have a little brother named Shea who also practices at Amerikick Karate.

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I want to be a great role model for him. He looks up to me and it makes me feel very proud. I enjoy guiding him and teaching him. We have so much fun together at home practicing our katas and having our parents watch and give us scores. We also have a training bag down in our basement to practice our kicks and punches.

I love that not only can we do this at the studio but we can get the extra practice and exercise at home. I push myself in every class to learn and stand out. Now I am so close to achieving my goal.

Black Belt Essays

I look forward to continue to learn and grow as a martial artist. I am so thankful and grateful for each Sensei that has guided me along my journey. It would be so amazing to say that by the age of ten I became a Junior Black Belt. I am proud of myself to accomplish this goal. I have grown in different ways at each level. I have physically gotten stronger practicing during the classes and conditioning my body. One thing I do at home is balance on an exercise ball to make my core stronger.

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I was very nervous the first time I tried the back flip but with the practice I was able to accomplish it. I had the biggest smile on my face once I did it with just a spotter and now I can do it on my own. Being in the harder classes and volunteering to do a kata or a move in front of a karate class is also helping me gain the confidence in school with raising my hand to answer questions in all of my classes.

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I am determined to do my best in everything I try from now on. I have learned that being a black belt means that the younger students will look up to me doing my katas and following what the sensei says. By this it shows the younger students what is expected and I have a responsibility to lead by example. With all the confidence I gained, I am now helping out volunteering my time to help teach the younger classes at AmeriKick Karate It was really hard at first but with the guidance of the lead sensei, my confidence grew being in front of the class. I lead with a positive attitude and show confidence in what I do so the students know that is what is expected from the sensei.

I have taken the skills that I have learned in my black belt classes and put them into my everyday life. I have learned to work more on my self-confidence, perseverance and focusing on what the task I am doing. I want to thank my parents for driving me to classes and pushing me to do them even when there were days I did not want to go. I have learned that as you practice and the more you practice the better I can get in the harder things I do.

What does a black belt mean to me?

When we do an excellent job he gives us a high five! That is why I respect dad and respect him with honor. I am very thankful to everybody who has supported me. I am very impressed by how tae kwon do helps you to focus on what you are doing and how it makes your body lose a lot of weight. Before I started tae kwon do I had some problems but now since I joined tae kwon do I have made a huge improvement in my life. A lot of people already got their black belts. I am also amazed how some people got there first, second, and third degree black belts or may be even higher!

My goal after becoming a first degree black belt is to become a master like my dad! My mom is a black belt but I was a belt than my mom but I rested for two months and after two months my mom just became a black belt I could not believe my mom would become a black belt so fast! Tae kwon do means a lot to me because it is a special type of sport and it is so amazing!