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Many countries around the world make use of English Language for the governance. The relationship among the countries around the world is enhanced by the effective communication in English. Language differs from nation to nation.

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When we travel around the globe, the English Language becomes the rescue factor to communicate with everyone. A good number of companies have ventured into sending the production to overseas in order to cut down their costs. In other words, the companies around the world are in to outsourcing and off-shoring business. In order to communicate with the business people of other countries, English Language becomes the effective tool.

It is the trading language of the world to a certain extend. A sound knowledge of English Language makes an individual to be a successful business man around the world. When the British started ruling India, they searched for educated Indian mediators who could help them to administer India. The British Government turned to high caste Indians to work for them.

Many high caste Indians, especially the Brahmans and the other people of high caste worked for them. The British policy was to create an Indian class who should think like the British. The English also instituted in India universities based on English models with emphasis on English. These Indians also obtained their education in British universities. The English Christian missionaries arrived in India from and they also established schools at primary level for Indians in which the language of instruction was local language and also they taught English. After that the missionaries established high schools with English as the language of instruction which gratified the Indians who wanted to study to have a sound knowledge of English Language.

The British rulers started building their universities in India from English turned to be the first language in Indian education. Indians who knew good English were considered as the new elite of India. Many new schools were set up in which the language of instruction was English. According to the British government laws the language of instruction at university level was English and therefore schools that stressed English were chosen by ambitious Indians.

Even after the independence of India, English continued to be the foremost language of India.

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Even today the schools in India that give importance to English are considered better schools and the same is the case at university levels, even though there is a tendency towards Indianization. For a good number of students, English is their first language and it is easier for them to communicate, read and write in English than in Indian languages, including their mother tongues. In the s and s about one third of the Indian schools emphasized English as their first language. We do have many Indians becoming more and more famous in the English Language and in the English Literature.

They have also won a good number of International awards for their knowledge and the mastery in English. English has become the language of the latest business management in the world and Indian proficiency in English has brought glory to many Indian business managers. English is a means not only for international commerce; it has become increasingly essential for inter-state commerce and communication.

Invariably the standard of the English of these students vary significantly. Most of them jump into the college life suddenly without having sufficient knowledge of English language. Though there have been English as a subject in the educational system for nearly ten years in the school life, their knowledge of English is very poor and insufficient. They do struggle in many ways to cope up with the College studies and they are disappointed. Many of them feel inferior and also do not put any effort to improve their standard of English language. Only very few of them come out of their nest and shed their tears to learn and to improve English.

Importance of English in India

The causes for this condition of the students vary from individual to individual. Every student with insufficient knowledge of English so many things to share about it.

Hence this study about the first year college going to students of Tamilnadu with a special reference to their standard of English, attempts to explore the hidden and unsolved problems in a significant manner. After interacting and relating with the first college students all over Tamilnadu, I do feel and understand the struggles they undergo with regard English Language.

Most of the subjects are in English and also the medium of instruction is English. They become inferior and also they do not find the way to improve their standard of English in order to cope up with the new academic life. Hence I have made this study to help them out in my own way. My study thus attempts to render solutions to the problems faced by the students with special reference to English Language learning and communication.

Though this study will not remove all the hurdles faced by the first year college going students, it will create an awareness to improve their standard. My study will also uncover all the hidden problems of them and show the reality without any prejudice. As future teachers and professors, we will understand our students in a better and help them out to walk towards the path of success.

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Essays, UK. November All Answers Ltd. Most of the time of the students does to the learning of English explanations, essays, grammar and translation. Students are frightened of it. A language is a medium to express oneself and be understood. When we have already a rich language like Hindi, English should not be imposed on us. A free country must have its own national language.

Without its own national language no country in the world has ever progressed. The Indian languages cannot have free development unless English is abolished. Some people support English. India is a developing country. It is necessary to change economic, social and political life of the people. For this purpose English is necessary to understand the books on different subjects.

Our foreign policy is based on peaceful co- existence. Some good medium is necessary for the exchange of ideas. Hence, English is necessary as it is widely used in the world. The literature of English is full of scientific and technical development. We have to take its help. English is an international language. English not forced to learn. English is now a link language.

China, Russia and Japan- these three countries are learning English to progress in scientific field.