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What qualifies as a good father? Also, they discriminated against people with special needs and women. Although society did not agree with his position, Atticus felt obligated to defend Tom because it was the right thing to do. People who were a different skin color, had to work as slaves. And, women could not vote, they basically did not work, they stayed home with their kids.

Atticus Finch as a Role Model

Atticus tells his children not to discriminate against people. Scout got into a fight with this kid named Walter Cunningham because she thought he was poor, and she did not consider his feelings. This explains that you never understand what the other people go through every day, Atticus would go through their shoes and see how bad life was for them. A bad parent would just allow fighting, and would not care about you at all.

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Atticus provides for his children. On Scout's first day of school, she had to talk about her father's job.

Hope in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Her father provided the amount of tools they need to succeed. He worked in an office, not in a drugstore.

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This explains that he was a lawyer, not any of the above. A bad parent would just do nothing, they would let you out of the house whenever you want. Also, a bad parent would be lazy all day, not working, just like watching tv and eating a bag of chips on the sofa. Why do bad parents not provide for your needs?

Atticus teaches his kids how to read and write. On her first day of school, Scout reflected on his only good abilities to her; he taught them to read and write. This quote explains that he was a good father to the children, he would never let his kids do dangerous things. He was just a more educated dad than a regular dad, during that time period. He wanted his kids to be educated, so they can grow up to be good people. A bad parent would not do these things for their children. A bad parent would just let them learn in school, and whenever they asked for help, they would just say no, and let them fail.

Why do bad parents let their children fail? Atticus doesn't make fun of other people. He provides his kids with shelter, food, and education. Also, he teaches them how to read and write. He provides his kids with shelter, food, and education, and he teaches them how to read and write. The bottom line is, good parents are better than bad parents. Preview Prices. Versatile Services that Make Studying Easy. We write effective, thought-provoking essays from scratch. We create erudite academic research papers. We champion seasoned experts for dissertations.

Atticus Finch: Father at Law

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Ours is a top service in the English-speaking world. Everything is confidential. So you know your student paper is wholly yours, we use CopyScape and WriteCheck to guarantee originality never TurnItIn, which professors patrol. Only Jesus made his father more famous. Like any legal precedent, though, Atticus has faced challenges and dissents, and lately his status as a hero has seemed perilously close to being overturned. With plenty of actual white men falling from their pedestals, it has seemed, ever since, that Atticus might do so, too.

Atticus was suddenly on all the wrong sides, fighting for all the wrong causes. Amasa Coleman Lee, the model for the man who was to be a model among men, was born twenty years before the start of the twentieth century, not long after his own father returned from fighting for the Confederacy.

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After Amasa and Frances married, they settled in the county seat, Monroeville, where A. On the side, he taught himself law, passed the bar exam, and got his name added to the shingle. The firm prospered, even during the Great Depression, and so did A. He then availed himself of many of its column inches for his own editorials. In these articles, the real-life Atticus begins as a New Deal Democrat and ends as a Dixiecrat, honoring Confederate veterans and their cause, supporting the prosecution of the Scottsboro Boys—nine black teen-agers who were falsely accused of raping two white women—and defending the poll tax.

Is Atticus Fitch A Good Father?

The Jackassonian Democrat , as the college kids called their version, featured white-hooded figures holding flaming crosses on the masthead and page after page of ersatz local gossip and rural humbuggery. In another issue of Rammer Jammer , Harper Lee mocked a piece of legislation that her father had endorsed: the Boswell Amendment, which required that voters be able to explicate the Constitution to the satisfaction of county registrars.

Frictions between father and daughter only intensified after , when Harper Lee dropped out of law school in Alabama and moved to New York to become a writer. A great many things were on the cusp of change: Alabama was a few years away from the court-ordered integration of its schools and the protest-driven integration of its buses and lunch counters; Lee, living on peanut-butter sandwiches and writing at a makeshift desk in a make-do apartment in Yorkville, was beginning her ten-year transformation from a small-town Southerner into a big-city author.

The book recounts a trip back home, to Maycomb, where her older brother, Jem, is dead, her best friend, Hank, is desperate to marry and domesticate her, and her father has reacted to Brown v. Tay Hohoff, an editor at J. The novel is set exclusively during the Great Depression, leaving the civil-rights movement to hover in its margins, never overtly clashing with any character, including Atticus.