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Beauty is defined in relation to men. As the film is full of musical performances, there is even the one specifically devoted to killing the Beast. Massive paws, killer claws for the feed. Kill the beast. The violence in Disney version has little didactic or ideological reasoning; it mostly serves to create action scenes, much needed for the supposed male audience.

However, still the threat of death is present throughout the film. Penelope provides the least violent scenario of the three. The film is a romantic comedy with no threats of physical harm to any of the characters, so this aspect is not shown in the film. The antagonist is an important element of any story; it serves to create a conflict and be a moral contrast to the protagonist.

The sisters are evil, greedy and envious; in contrast to them, Beauty is a kind, caring and modest girl Garrett. The sisters hurry to get married of convenience, and Beauty is more interested in taking care of her father than in an early marriage. Thus, the fairy tale has a very clear and distinct didactic message — the virtues such as goodness and modesty will be rewarded and vices like greed and envy will be punished.

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35 Questions I Still Have About ‘Beauty & The Beast’

Catch up with your paper before the deadline! Save your time, money, and efforts. Spend more time with your family and friends! In the Disney version, the conflict between the Beauty and her sisters is totally missing, as there is no mentioning of these two characters. The one who takes the role of the antagonist is Gaston, a local handsome, who regularly proposes to Belle and is demonstratively rejected. This character is very prominent in the plot; he is used to criticize the machismo of patriarchal society and ignorance of middlebrow townsfolk. Gaston and his stooge Lefou form the conditional pairing of villains, who mirror the sisters from the original fairy tale.

Gaston is a muscular man with a prominent chin and hairy chest, but at the same time he is arrogant, illiterate and ignorant. Gaston is a leftover of the patriarchal society depicted as a caricature Craven.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

The antagonist factor in Penelope is more complex, as there are no typical villains in the story. The main motive of the film is life in the information society. According to this direction, characters from the original story had to go through certain changes. Both characters are rather well-developed, especially when compared to the one-dimensional evil sisters and caricature Gaston. Both characters go through their personal arc and are never reduced to being just evil.

They do not function as typical antagonists, but rather serve to move the plot forward. Thus, they are given the option the villains in earlier versions of the story rejected. Didactic Aspects and Subtexts. Each version of the fairy tale has its unique message and its own share of subtexts. These characters can do no wrong, unlike some female characters. The idealistic description of the fatherly figure and the figure of the husband are characteristic to the period, during which this version of the fairy tale was written.

There is an interpretation of the story, according to which it symbolizes the passing of a maturing girl from the father to her husband. As the Beauty leaves her homestead, she learns to let her father go and to start carrying for her future husband.

Thus, the part of the Beauty is greatly diminished, as she serves just an object passed from on owner to another. There is a psychosexual analysis of the plot from the angle of the oedipal conflict. According to McGrath:. How is the romance in this film different than the romance in older Disney movies like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella?

Does that reflect a change in the times? How do the 2-D animated characters here differ in their forms and movements from computer-generated characters in animated movies today? In what ways does this movie specifically appeal to children? In what ways does it specifically appeal to adults?

Is Beauty and the Beast About Stockholm Syndrome?

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Follow these lessons for a happily-ever-after tale as old as time.

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